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Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Alfonzo was born in Detroit, Michigan to a woman by the name of Susie Ann Rhymes. To this day, he has never known theThe family pleasure of her voice or the security of her touch. His biological father, Thomas Tucker, took him from her when he was less than six months old. While living with Thomas, Alfonzo observed in him the behavior of a hustler, a pimp, a cocaine dealer, a heroin/crack addict and also a killer.

During his years growing up with Thomas, he learned all his techniques associated with crime and the criminal lifestyle. As a child, Alfonzo lived in a pit of stench and literal death, causing him to become mature about addictions and the world very early. He made the choice not to involve himself in a life of drugs and addictions. He lived with his biological father until he was thirteen years old. It was at this age when Social Services deemed his biological father an unfit parent.


He was bounced through three different foster homes until age 17, when Alfonzo was given custody to his “God Send” family, Mike and Dana Darling. Where he experienced a new beginning. No longer was he exposed to drug addicts on a daily basis instead he had to deal with new issues, such as: living in a caucasian community with a caucasian family. He no longer had to live with the stress of bills and violence, he had other tough issues associated with being behind academically and conforming to a family oriented life style. While living with his adopted family, the dream of a higher education became a reality, as well as becoming N. C. A. A. Division 1 All-American in the sport of wrestling.

After developing self-confidence, Alfonzo created written expressions of his life’s accounts and began to perform in open microphone poetry readings in the Oakland Bay Area, as well as developed a passion for inspirational speaking. He embraced love, yet found he was once again, in a relationship filled with lies and deceit. All offered by a woman who had not yet dealt with her sexual desire for other women. With help from prayer, family, friends, and counselors, Alfonzo regained his stature and continued to live with a healthy mentality. After several months of self-reflection, he embraced his thoughts and wrote his autobiography, NOESIS.


On March 2nd 2011, Alfonzo Tucker took a leap of faith, after almost thirteen years as a deputy sheriff with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department; he submitted a two-week notice and his letter of resignation. Alfonzo has a master’s degree in psychology and plans to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology.



In my life I would much rather prevent people from going to jail, as oppose to arresting or investigating them for future convictions. I have developed programs, which consist of journal writing and physical exercise as a form of therapy, combined with psychological guidance counseling. My mission is to provide positive development for ones physical and mental health. I believe my life path has developed in the fashion of inspiration! I am a man who has never met his biological mother. I also emancipated from the California foster care system. If I followed in the footsteps of my biological father, I would be the type of man who profits from drugs sales and the solicitation of women. My desire is to offer positive inspiration to absolutely every person on this planet. I believe that goal can be achieved through my writing, speaking and counseling!

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